the pretty voices ep

by Pretty Voices

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Recorded "live" in the studio with minimal overdubs & fixes.


released July 2, 2010

Chris Cosgrove (dr)
Roger Peterson (bass & vox)
Dan Rasp (gtr & vox)
Nick St. Hilaire (gtr & vox)
Joe Diaz @ Circle (recording)
Justin "Pris" Wheeler @ the Orange Room (mixing)
Brian Merrill @ Studio B (mastering)



all rights reserved


Pretty Voices St. Petersburg, Florida

Pretty Voices formed in 2009 from the remnants of two local garage bands, and quickly earned a reputation as a fun live band with strong garage pop melodies and quirky vocal deliveries.

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Track Name: pin prick
Death by misadventure the obit read, I won’t top that one, when I’m dead.

I’m not an angry young man anymore, my time is spent playing with toys on the floor.

Chorus: This is gonna hurt, but only a little bit

You won’t feel much more than a pin prick

Nietsche says it’s making you stronger

Let me protect you a little bit longer.

I got an infant child who’s full of life, stars in his eyes and a toothy smile.

Black and blues, scratches and scrapes, they’ll never hurt like heartache


Learning to walk, learning to crawl, I pick you up after you fall

This is the way it’s likely to be, 500 failures to one, succeed


Disheveled and messy, tattered and frayed, crash through your own life and make your own mistakes.

Bumps and bruises, scratches and scrapes, let me shelter you from heartache.
Track Name: first rate
You're so coy, your laugh is infectious, everyone adores you, you're so contagious.
A laugh and a kiss, protests and objections, stop pullin' my heartstrings in different directions.

A peck and a kiss, we should be off and runnin'. You're draggin' your feet and my head is hummin'.
Heaven help us, this time I'm serious. If you don't call, where does that leave us?

First Rate, you're really first rate.
You've had me goin' since our first date.

First Rate, you're really first rate.
You're playin' fast and loose with my mental state.
Track Name: grease fire

She’s a self confessed killer of innocent house plants

Wearin’ business suits and librarian glasses

Hair piled high and a witty reply

Askin’ pointed questions has gotten my attention….

My Love’s a Grease Fire Baby

It’s getting Hotter

My Love’s a Grease Fire Baby

Don’t Bring me Water

Her legs are long and so, so strong

I can ignore that rip in her stockings

Dark brown hair and focused ambition

I’m coming unglued, I can’t keep it hidden

She drive’s too fast and she’s way to reckless

It’s balanced with grace, and she’s never selfish

She’s a girl of a different stripe

I might get nervous but I know what I like
Track Name: lost weekend
Lost Weekend

Staying up late, talking all night

You lean in close, is this an invite?

Pre Chorus: Rollin’ on the couch, kissing on the floor

I love you, so much to explore

Rollin’ on the couch, kissing on the floor

You’re demure, soft and unsure..

Chorus: Your hairs on my pillow

Your scents in my clothes

A note on my mirror

Has Xs and Os

Your lips, were cool and wet

My head is swimming, I’m out of my depth

Pre Chorus


Bridge: Charming and disarming, where does it end?

Don’t let it be over, our lost weekend.

Pre Chorus


Could this be a relationship?

Let’s spend, the whole weekend in bed.

Pre Chorus

Track Name: hush yer mouth

Better hush yer mouth now baby
if yer talkin to me
How the hell you end up some place
aint supposed to be
You're pretending it's your first time
but I've seen you before
I'm pretending I don't like it
but I come back for more

You shouldn't be here with me
Don't think I like what I see
You know there's no guarantee
Nobody gets out for free

Better keep it on the down low baby
if you know what I mean
We both got our hands so dirty
never gonna be clean
You pretend it never happened don't you?
Do you sleep through the night?
Try to sweep it out the back door, honey
that aint making it right

You shouldn't be here with me
Don't think I like what I see
You know there's no guarantee
Nobody gets out for free